Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alice In Wonderland's House!

Today I'm a bit upset. I was planning on doing a happy post about how I remodeled my kitchen for under 5k blah blah blah.. (that's still coming by the way so hold tight)! I went to Zillow because I couldn't find a good 'before' of my kitchen, and THERE IT WAS... the house that started it all. Six years ago, Rob and I were living at 1106 Peterson St. in Fort Collins. I LOVED that house so much and still do. The owner was never willing to sell it, so we decided to start looking for houses in the area, which in my opinion, is the coolest neighborhood in FC. Anyway.. we happened upon an open house on 811 Stover St. one day, and I was "star struck" (so to speak). I wanted that house SO bad. It was so light and bright, and it has SO much character it was unbelievable. I thought.. if Alice In Wonderland grew up and bought a house, this would surely be it. Basically the house price was WAY out of our range at the time, so we sucked it up and decided to buy a house in our price range WAY on the outskirts of town. I'm not complaining. We loved that house too, and still reminisce about it, in fact here are some pictures of 2733 Bar Harbor Dr. Our first house:

Awww.. tough to beat for sure:( We miss those windows and brazillian cherry floors Rob installed himself (poor guy), then we sold it two years later because I'm fickle and restless, and didn't like living in the middle of nowhere.

So back to my story... I opened up the Zillow website and THERE IT WAS! 811 Stover St. is for sale again!! Only... it would be impossible for us to buy it since we currently own our house, and wouldn't qualify for this house PLUS that house.. BIG boo:( The house looks quite a bit different than it did six years ago (naturally), and there are many changes I can see that I would want to do to it, but the house just still has this FEELING for me. I can't explain:

First of all: I've ALWAYS wanted a white cottage style house with a RED door...check!
Second: I've always wanted a cute little white porch.
This color is hideous. The whole house used to be a neutral tan. I think I would paint it an almost white pewter, with decorative BRIGHT splashes of color.

Even though I kinda think the tile is pretty damn cool, I would be really tempted to put carrera marble down. Ultimately I would probably change my mind though because now I know how unutilitarian marble is. It stains EXTREMELY easily.

This little dining room is so freakin' cute. The ceiling actually slopes down so you have to hunch down unless you're a midget. Sounds weird, but it's actually really cozy. Damn... I should be the real estate agent here!

This is obviously taken in March, when the yard is all dried up and dead, but this yard really comes to life! It's SO stinkin' cute:( I'm going to go mope around and plan and scheme and come up with any possible tactic for buying this house even though I know it's probably 85% impossible;-) Wish me luck!!

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